From Texas to LA, Bitch is like Tupac, she gets around.

Like most Angelenos, I’m not born and bread, sadly, I’m a transplant, while original origins tend to be a little fuzzy, one thing is certain, when I was old enough, I packed my bags and came running to California with my arms open. California always has been, and always will be the epitome of home.

I have loved every moment of living in Los Angeles, and even in those rare moments when I feel like I can no longer stand this unique city, I have one of those decidedly LA moments, a phenomenal day at the beach, a ridiculous show, an evening at The Getty, and I’m hooked all over again.

Sadly, I must move away from LA temporarily. Where is this Southern Girl morphed into Southern Californian headed? The Dirty South, of course. On November 7th, I’ll have packed my life into my car, along with my dog, and begin the bazillion mile trek to the ATL.

This blog has been started as the ultimate case study, it will chronicle my travels, my work, my love life(hubba hubba), so, if you care to explore Atlanta with me be sure to stop in often.


I have since returned home to Los Angeles, I’m hoping you’ll continue this journey with me.


3 responses to “From Texas to LA, Bitch is like Tupac, she gets around.

  1. well, you finally gone and left that loft to move to the ONLY city in The States that this Brit has actually been to! Kind of appropriate that i write this brief note on the day Obama has swept to power as the thing that moved me when i spent a few days in Atlanta (trying to sell a UK branding agency to Coke – seriously!!) was visting Martin Luther-King’s birthplace. Keep in touch and catch you soon 😉

  2. nice to meet you!!

  3. chicago admirer

    so refreshing. plaid hats dippped eye-level, scarves following curves. bass swoops gain speed, elongating every eyelash, every nuanced refelection into a mural visible from the highway.

    who’s that girl? an eclipse; used to being near prophets and moons. spoken words whispered from starburst lips…laughing in now. tattooed symetries woven into a maze, a gallery of travels. merry xmas.

    this is my post-brouse stream of consciuousness rant. hi bianca.

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