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To Gain a Little Perspective.

I cant begin to explain the video blog above, fresh from the shower I felt compelled to “speak” to my friends and family and to give an update about where exactly life has taken me on this crazy convulsion filled journey. I know that there cant be rain clouds every day and fight to stay positive that life will settle and I will find peace. Please listen to my crazy ramblings and allow me to share with honesty the perspective I have on the world today.

Love you all, deeply, keep pushing forward and fight the good fight, I’m in your corner.




Let me take you back, do you remember growing up, yeah, back in the day, if you’re brain isn’t too fried to recall those memories, anywho, if you had a semi normal name you might of had one of those little bitty embossed license plates with your moniker emblazed across it. You might of attached it to your bike, you ight of attached it to your rope chain and worn it around town so that everyone knew who you were…..Sadly, I never had one of those little license plates, I never even had a single glittery pencil with my name stamped into it, I got jipped!

Still, I love my name, and being named after the stunning Bianca Jagger, or the Shakespearean heroine isn’t too bad. I wouldn’t change my name for anything in the world, however, a little “Bianca” love wouldn’t be half bad. Well, my prayers have been answered, I received an email from a friend, while he and his Wifey were shopping they came across a Sailor Jerry shirt with with Bianca lovingly scribbled across a old school scroll in front of a sexy dark haired old school tattoo lady……..Oh yeah.

Sexy to the max, and only $18.

Sexy to the max, and only $18.

So, I guess what I’m trying to say is, not only do I need one, you all need one, your children need one, hell, I’m even going to get one for Manolo, as this shits a big deal!

You know you want one.

You know you want one.

In other news, I’ve had my second consult with my surgeon about having my tonsils and adenoids removed, now I’m waiting for my insurance to approve my surgery, and for the final date. I sat down at the office and watched a little film explaining the procedure, and the healing time and after care, and let me tell you, for all of you who told me this surgery is a walk in the park, you are all fucking LIARS! After sitting and talking with the surgeon she explained to me that I will have scabs in the back of my throat for at least two weeks, and if I’m not careful about what I eat or how I sleep, I could choke to death on my own blood, which is fucking awesome….

So, I’m waiting to hear back about my surgery date before I come home as I’m apparently not allowed to travel for 2 weeks after surgery, and I’m not tyring to have any sort of complications. I cant wait to get home. Its been pouring here, it smells so lush and wonderful but the humidity is disgusting, and its weirdly warm and cold at the same time.

I miss everything about California, I miss the lifestyle I lead, I miss my friends, the parties, the food, the smoke,  I miss Al, and Lizzo, and Starr, I miss Dale and Heather, I miss The SalonPURE crew, I miss the crazy Koreans that ran the cafe under my building, Naddera, Roscoes, The LACMA, just my fucking life man. C’est la vie.