Ohhh the joys of epilepsy.

The most important thing I’ve learned since becoming “epileptic” is to shed the magical notions I had about being in control of my own life. Now I’m on other peoples time table, I’m along for the ride instead of planning the adventure. Every moment I take to reflect on the changes that have been forced on me over the last year, I lament for the way life was before I lost control over my body.

Is this my life lesson on how relinquish control? If so, I hear you loud and clear universe, you have my attention and I’m listening.

I’ve had 2 seizures in as many months, and the world feels fuzzy but I’m trying to stay on the positive side of things and live in the moment.

Easier said than done.

I’ve started taking enrollment for my make up application classes, if you’re interested email me here: Bianca.L.Ward@gmail.com and I’d be happy reserve you a spot.


The progress made in 1 year, never loose sight of how far you’ve come because you’re too busy looking to find where you’re going.


Last trip to the ER.



Pick Up Your Panties!!



Every Sunday morning I check PostSecret.com to remind myself to make my own way, to live without fear, and to take risks that make others feel uncomfortable. I will live FREE of my FEAR.

Take life by the nads y’all, if you need back up I’m here.


“I know when to go hard, and when to be gentle, lets stay in the present, no time for second guessing….”

OH! 2012! Color me happy to of survived the zombie apocalypse and the mayan end of days and all of these silly end time forecasts to make it to a brand new year. In 2011 I conquered small battles within myself, learned to speak up a little more, and resigned to let the universe swing whatever which way it wants and just be content to be along for the ride.



In proccess-Meat Market-Being Meat is Devouring.

In proccess-Meat Market-Being Meat is Devouring.

Almost finished. Where’s the A-1?

You can find Alissa at Serious Ink in Arcadia and her personal art blog. Take a moment to patronize the arts, widen your scope on the world and check out an amazing woman I am happy to call a friend.

The tattoo is a little bloody, and definitely raw-just like me. In 2012 I’ll continue to get bruised and happily skip through the pain and be on to the next adventure. I’ve got a small empire that has been slowly growing speed. This year I’m learning to be more vocal, not just about what I want, but also what I NEED. I need to shake off the funk and groove to my own soundtrack. Nothing has worked out as planned, and I’m thrilled.

“It’s your attitude in true trial that shows your character, there will always be pittfalls in life, if you can keep your head high and stay classy, you’ll always win.”-Bianca FUCKING Ward

Making BOSS decisions in 2012.