“Be proud of who you are, keep on concentrating on the brighter side of life, don’t let them get you down….”

It is my first video blog in sometime, so do be gentle please, ha ha ha. There are two moments in the video where the audio continues as the video freezes up a little, its just for a few moments, just listen to the soothing sounds of my voice until you defrost. This Vlog focuses, or tries to focus on the optimism I have for the new year, please check in on me from time to time to see how the momentum is moving.

I was finally able to catch the Banksy movie “Exit Through The Gift Shop.” It really was cheeky and funny in all the dark twisted ways only Banksy can deliver. Banksy’s “voice” follows you through the movie and narrates snarkily as he comments on modern street art and its place in the art movement, and how comical and ridiculous partrons AND artists can be. I think its worth a watch, especially with the slew of street art super-stars making cameos.

Out of Atlanta more street art projects that touch my heart. Ola Bad via Wooster Collective.

Ola Bad ATL 2011


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