Get Your Style On & Look Fly in the New Year…..

Get fresh y’all.

With the new year nipping at my heels and stepping on my sneakers, I wanted to count down a few of my favorite things in 2011:

Dunks with neon floss from

1. For the love of neon. It’s really no secret that I like a little neon love, a stripe, splash, or splotch is just enough to take any outfit out of this world. Too much neon and you’re a human reflector, just the right amount of neon and you look fly. I think small touches of well placed neon can really take you far, designers as far a Dubai and close to home in NYC are boasting dayglow trims and accessories, even mass market manufactures J. Crew are getting in the business of neon. Too nervous to try a large splash of neon? Try starting with a pair of neon laces for high impact doses of color on a small scale or adding a pop of neon to neutrals for a modern look but be sure to keep it thoughtful and polished to avoid looking over done.

Orange laces and magenta soles.

Grab a pair from

2. Thoughtful Tailoring.
It doesn’t matter what size you buy off the rack, what does matter is that you pay

Maggy London for Nordstrom

attention to detail, a well tailored shirt, skirt or pair of slacks can stretch basics in your wardrobe and provide a basis for lots of styling options. Some of my favorite tailored pieces for the new year translate menswear tailoring into fem fashions, where fabrics like denim translate tailored sleeves and necklines into chic well fitting dresses.

The silhouette of this dress, paired with the princess seams and empire waist tailoring take masculine cues and make them feminine. Dress by Maggy London. Available in plus and womenswear sizes at

Taking menswear tailoring another direction, design divas over at Misphit clothing partner menswear fabrics with vertical pin-tucks and over-sized buttons for a sleek yet sophisticated tailored look this season. This corset dress elevates turtlenecks to high fashion with the price tag set at a reasonable $52 dollars, chic tailoring is available on every budget.


3. Become a member of the “Rich Kids Club”

Membership is easy, Rich Kids Club is a club like no other, c’mon they’re

Evidence Shades.

something like a country club. A group of individual’s who go for our goals, dreams and look good while accomplishing them. To join the Rich Kids Club, you must follow several rules and stick to them. (1) Live life the way you want to. (2) Follow your dreams. (3) Stay positive (4) Have ridiculous swagger (5) Wear our sunglasses.

It really is true love fro Duex Lux.

4. Carry a “Super Nova” on your back.

Ohhh, Duex Lux! Chainmail? Iridescent finishes? Large leather hobo bags? A neutral for every occasion? I’m in love! Duex Lux introduced a giant hobo for the spring, “The Super Nova.” It’s accented with diagonal chain-mail chevrons, and has a massive braided handle. This bag is an absolute gem, large enough to tote all over the city but still chic enough to keep you fly as you run your less glam errands. I’m not sure which color I adore more, the white or the gunmetal, decide for yourself and pick one up at

Whatever style notions you happen to subscribe to in the new year, I hope that you find yourself with the people who matter the most to you in life, because whats good style without someone to appreciate it?


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