Put in WORK. Get Cardio for Life in 2011.

Man, 2010 flew by me at breakneck speeds.

While the year was filled with a tremendous amount of travel, it took me all year to get to the exact point I am today. On Friday Dec 24th 2010 with the year coming to a close I find myself excited for more growth in 2011.

In a year, I’ve traversed life, hoping my compass will lead me in the right direction. Sometimes I’ve traveled in a straight line, sometimes I’ve run in circles, and sometimes I’ve climbed the highest mountains only to end up ass deep in the valley. While the destination isn’t as important as the journey, sometimes my traveling feet get tired. In 2011 I’m looking forward to simultaneous growth AND rest.

Yes, life is a contradiction. More importantly, life is about balance. About the sun and moon sharing the same sky, about the pleasure and the pain of true knowledge.

As 2011 quickly approaches I try to make my travel plans for the new year, but how do I prepare when I have no idea where this years journey will take me? I cant and I guess that’s half the fun.

I’m busy scheming my sneaker/streetwear empire while for the first time in life taking a moment to build with my family. 2010 is the year I decided to let my family in, and 2011 is the year I get to put in the work and prove that I want to be apart of my family after all these years I’ve chosen to be away. 2011 is another year to keep grinding, to continue laboring and laying the groundwork for my life.

My life has been much different since I’ve chosen to take an active roll, in 2011 I’m participating in life, my heart is going to hurt, I’m going to bleed, I’m going to be fucking tired, I’m going to without a doubt be misunderstood, I’m going to make mistakes and its definitely going to rain. However, in 2011 there is also going to be a tremendous amount of love, I’m going to climb mountains, and just when I think I can’t walk any further I WILL RUN.

2011 I’m going to run this life or I’m going to die putting in the cardio.


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