Vegas, Man….

Hung over in elevators acting like idiots.

Over the weekend I ended up taking an impromptu trip to Vegas, I had toyed with the idea of going for a few weeks, a friend of mine had a comped room, Starr was going to be visiting friends, so at the last-minute I ended up packing my weekender, threw on some jeans and sneakers and headed to Vegas with Starr and Becky. We made record time, 3 hours from LA to Las Vegas, a trip that google maps says should take at least 5 hours, but thats not how we roll. Or thats not how Starr rolls, between her shortcuts, constant speed, blunts, and our urgency to make it to Sin City, Starr dropped us off at The Paris Hotel 3 hours after leaving Northridge, we hung out under the out-door heaters, smoked a ciggy and waited for Michael to arrive so we could check into out room.

We checked in, checked out, and had a pretty amazing time. It was a long weekend, no sleep, too much booze, too much ganja, work on monday morning, but I made it through, had a stellar time and I’m looking forward to my next crazy weekend in Vegas.

Good morning VEGAS!

We ended up leaving Las Vegas around 2:30 am on Monday morning, sadly I had to head into work at 9:30 am, so, we coasted through the desert, I napped, we jammed, and finally made it home as the sun was slowing awaking from its slumber, the air was cold, and even though I was utterly exhausted when I finally walked in the front door I was satisfied with my full weekend.

Strangers in the night....


Can't beat that...

At the beginning of this week I was contacted about a photo shoot for plus size model Mia Tyler’s clothing line, I accepted of course, and will be shooting after Thanksgiving, shall keep everyone updated on that front…

I feel like the quality of my sleep has been insane, I lay in bed and try to meditate in hopes that it will eventually quiet my mind long enough to let me sleep, but often sleep is far away, and the next thing I know I’ve got my eye mask on and my mind is on ADD overdrive, contemplating what my next step is, blindfolded and thinking about sleep instead of actually sleeping.

The holidays make me feel so out of touch with reality, makes me feel like I’m spending my entire adult life trying to figure out how to act like an adult, like I’m permanently at the kiddie table. I look forward to that point in life where I can put my tools away and look back onto the work I’ve put into my “family” and feel satisfied with the lessons I’ve learned and the path I’ve taken. I guess the holidays remind me that there is still work to be done to bring balance to my family life. With my family scattered through the universe I may not see the people I adore often, but I’m working on letting my actions show them how much I do care for them, alignment.



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