Just one of those days…

I’m tired.

Really fucking tired.

See you kids in about a week, I love and deeply miss you all.


One response to “Just one of those days…

  1. L to the izzooooooo

    ANOTHER WEEK? eekgads woman, i’m coming to shatlanta to pick you up myself (i just learned i have magical powers and i can fly)!

    six months isn’t long enough we gotta wait even longer! aarrgghhhh no fair!

    p.s. who are these so-called friends who don’t care? i will rip their extremities off and beat them with their own limbs 😀 (my 2nd superhero power is brut strength…hehe)

    i’m gonna go drag the dog into the car for another round of, “which hole will leak first?” 🙂 i’ll be around later if you needz to talk. xx

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