The music mix master…..

Saying "Peace" to Atlanta...

Saying "Peace" to Atlanta...

Ok, maybe not the master, but I have made a few mixes in the past few days that I have really been grooving to hardcore.

In fact, last night I decided to take a drive, it was the most stunning summer evening, perfect temprature at 58 degrees, the perfect amount of moisture in the air, and me, windows rolled down, sun roof thrown open, hair floating around my cheeks, as I drive through shadowy dark trees that line the georgian freeways. Time spent in my car, like this, somehow makes me feel complete, my body connected to the music, the road, and the world around me, all at the same time. Absolute zen.

This is todays mix:

  1. “New York(Ya Out There)” by Rakim
  2. “Spanish Bells” by Madlib
  3. “Long Walk Home” by Blockhead
  4. “Closet Freak” by Cee-Lo
  5. “The LA Song” by The People Under the Stairs
  6. “The Corner” by Common
  7. “Mr. Large” by Prince Paul/Handsome Boy Modeling School
  8. “Love of My Life” by Erykah Badu
  9. “Forest Krunk” by Blockhead
  10. “Respiration” by Blackstar
  11. “Getmine” by Madlib
  12. “Go” by Common
  13. “Daydreaming” by Lupe Fiasco f. Jill Scott (my fave track on this mix)
  14. “Star 69” by Common
  15. “Herbal Scent” by Madlib
  16. “Distant Land” by Madlib
  17. “Money in the Bank” by Swizz Beatz
  18. “Sir Bang” by Madlib
  19. “Hurricane” by Mos Def f. The Roots and Common

I also worked on my painting a bit, its nearly finished, more proccess photos…








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