Do you…..

I have been very fortunate to have fantastic friends that I consider family, and while the faces of my family might change from time to time, I am very lucky to have had my hot friend Meli in my life. Meli and I met when years back online, she had a messageboard she ran that aimed at empowering plus sized women, I have been really blessed by Meli’s crusade to help plus size women become comforable in their own skin. Meli has decided to start a new journey in her life, and I am honored to be able to watch her embark on this new path. To chronicle this new path in her life she has decided to keep a blog here on WordPress, I hope that you all will keep up with Meli and her blog(its still new, give her some time to start posting the goodness regularly):

Confessions of a Fat Girl.

I painted a little last night, I really want to finish this piece before I leave, I think I’m getting there, I added some more of the orangey values, and some detail work, all of the progress cant be seen on it because alot of the paint I use is irridescent, so you cant often see all of the values through a photo, hopefully I’ll be able to post more photos soon.




Off to Little 5 Points for the day, I’m really in the mood for a kick ass veggie burger, and I want to hit up Wax N Facts for a few new records. Love you all!


2 responses to “Do you…..

  1. MelissaAletha

    Dude I love you! This was such an awesome Vblog! I used to blog a shit load and then I suddenly stopped. So this should be fun. And thanks for all the sweet sheez you said. You give me too much credit woman!

    And about people thinking GB is the easy way out, those tards dont know a single thing about it. They are totally uneducated and I urge any of those assholes to go read some blogs or watch some Vblogs on youtube from actual post op patients.

    It’s scary. Its not easy and you have to be ready for some bullshit because its hard as hell. People think you just get your stomach cut and you lose a bunch of weight. You have to diet and exercise just like any other person trying to lose weight. It’s a tool just like diet pills. But with a lot more bullshit to deal with. Anyway, I’m getting off my weight loss surgery soapbox. lol

    Dont forget, youre an inspiration to many women as well! It’s ladies like us that set the pathway for other women to stand strong and proud to be who they are and not give a damn what anyone else thinks.

    Your beautiful, strong and have bigger balls than i do! lol and I love you for that! Cant wait to see you when you come home. I need some B and Lizzo time. STAT! 😀

  2. MelissaAletha

    PS. I’m fucking loving your hairs!

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