Coming home to LA?

So, at breakfast this morning my father asked me if I’d like to go home. I don’t know if its actually going to happen, or when, but it seems like a plan is being devised for me to return to my LA Homeland.

Umm, so, as soon as I know what the plan is, I shall let everyone know…..still up in the air.


4 responses to “Coming home to LA?

  1. Good luck with whichever outcome you find. I hope you find the home you feel most comfortable in. =)

  2. L to the izzooooooo

    30 minutes ago i packed a 4:20(pm EST/1:20PST) 4/20 bowl for your homecoming 😀

    xx see you soon!!

  3. First of all: You look hotttt!
    Second of all: what happen to trying to stop with the cigs? lol
    Third of all: OMG you’re coming home, Yay!
    4th: You’ll be here for TIM’s homecoming, BRYAN’s adoption finalization (finally) AND my mom’s wedding now! WoooHOoooo it never feels like the whole family’s there when you’re not!

  4. Love the look – especially the earings! Yes B – I think LA is your home…..missing you and I’m not even THERE!! Ha!

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