Good Morning! 4:26 A.M.

Wow. Currently it is 6:44 am, I have been sitting here on my sectional, bundled up in a hoodie and panties, snuglying under a blanket, cuddled up with Manolo since 4:26 am. I feel like Hunter S. Thompson, I feel like the edges of reality and fantasy are starting to blur together. This week has been hugely stressful. On-top of countinging my stop smoking program, and being more vigorous about my pilaties program to help with extra stress, the side effects of prescribed smoking aid “Chantex” has lead to severe and vivid nightmares, and quite a few sleepless nights. At this point in the game, I’m down from a pack a day, to 3 a day, which is 17 or so cigarettes less a day, and around 119 cigarettes a day that have not made it into my lungs.

Further stress has come from a creepy neighbor with stalker like qualities. When I moved into the building one of my neighbor went out of his way to get to know me, he comes over and tries to hang at all hours of the day(and night), he’s tried to kiss me on the cheek, and is just in general rather creepy. Many times I have swatted away his attempts, I have told him I have a boyfriend, girlfriend, I’m celibate, a nun, a tranny, an alien, nothing is working. I thought it was all harmless until a few days ago, when his visits became more frequent, and despite acting like I’m not home, or super busy, even when I’ve had friends over, he is relentless, I realized this might have gone a little too far when I looked out the window one morning and noticed him feeling my car for heat. After a few more bizzare incidents, and a little coaxing I decided to speak to the police.

To clarify, I know he hasn’t done anything illegal, and in all actuality he might just be “The Creepy Guy” however, I thought it would be best to speak to the police to have them document the situation in case it ever escalates to a serious situation. The officer I spoke with is very familiar with the man, and stated they have had problems with this kind of behavior from him previously, more notably from a woman who lived in the unit next to mine. The officer advised me to continue avoiding the man, and if he continued to harass me to call the police immediately and they would drive over speak with him, make another report, and heaven forbid it happens again, at that point its a criminal offense. I hate to take this situation this far, however being a woman, living alone in my apartment, with my little dog Manolo and absolutely no way to defend myself, I think being proactive about my safety is important.

So, I haven’t been sleeping, I’m getting sucked in to watching all kinds of shitty cable television programing, which is odd, as I haven’t had cable in years, when I moved to Downtown LA, I made a conscious decision NOT to have cable, and thought about getting rid of my TV for awhile, until I realized I needed it for DVD watching, Wii-ing, and that I had become attached to it in general. I’ve been spending extra time painting, I dont know if its the lack of sleep, the Chantex or the snow, but I’ll post a few so you guys can document the progress of the piece as it evolves. This piece is a triptych, and will be in the similar style of some of my previous work.




Begining of the piece.

Begining of the piece.

It snowed this week, blankets of white fluffy glitter, the entire landscape was covered, it kind of blew my mind. I kept looking outside with a mixture of cheer and anger, Manolo had no clue what to make of it, and in his usual prissy fashion decided that anything wet and cold might not be for him.

Snow in Little 5

Snow in Little 5

Snow all over my car.

Snow all over my car.

Wooo....more snow.

Wooo....more snow.

I’ve got the first half of  “The Grindhouse Double Feature” popped in my DVD player, I’ve got a kettle on for oatmeal and coffee, and I’m beginning my day, well, I began my day a few hours ago, I suppose now I’m getting a jump on my day. Ha ha. So sleepy. Next week I’ll be in Oklahoma City seeing my friends Kimmy and David, and their adorable children, while David starts my shoulder/neck piece. Be jealous. Love you all.


One response to “Good Morning! 4:26 A.M.

  1. First, let me say, isn’t this NOT the first time you’ve had a crazy stalker? haha

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