The Case of the Missing Tonsils!

Its 7:50 am, I am showered, dressed, and gathering my things to head to the hospital to have my bitchy tonsils removed. While I know the advent of modern medicine makes these procedures simple, I cant help but be slightly nervous. Wish me luck kids, I’ll post a follow up once I’m home and the drugs arent kicking my ass.


5 responses to “The Case of the Missing Tonsils!

  1. Have fun with that girl lol. Nah, I’m positive the surgery will go great. You will be sore, but at least you will feel better because of it. Love ya girly, feel better 🙂

  2. Hi Sweet Lady!

    Tabetha sent me your blog tonight so I heard about your surgery to remove your tonsils. You’ve needed that a while now, huh! Wish I were there to help you just like you helped me with my sinus surgery.

    I think of you from time to time. Miss you lots!

    By the way, Mark and I are planning to get married in August (2009)!

    Hugs & Kisses,

  3. Love ya good luck!

  4. metropolitantard

    Candi! I love you too! Miss you lots, let me know when the surgery is, my birthday is in August so I’m trying to come home around then, maybe I can coordinate coming to the wedding!!

  5. metropolitantard

    TAB! I love you too, I know if you and the munchkins were around you’d use all your good mom and friend skills to help me recover, I need pictures of you guys damnit!

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