Where have the Simpsons gone?


2 responses to “Where have the Simpsons gone?

  1. L to the izzooooooo

    haha try http://www.tvguide.com and enter your zip and pick your service provider to find the simpsons time-slot 🙂

    as for the NEW epis on sunday nights at 8pm…well there hasn’t been one for a few weeks. the new season starts after january…you know Feb is sweeps month…

    p.s. last season of the L Word (jan 18th)

    p.p.s. next season of Weeds (also in january i think)

    p.p.p.s. xmas goodies will be sent shortly after the new year as i am a broke ass mofo 😀 woo pom truffles!

  2. Hey, take care of those tonsils….like most things in life, that op is worse the older you get so don’t wait til you’re MY age!! Had mine out aged 4 – yeh, I really was a cuie back then 😉

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