Trying to Keep a Thankful Heart…..

I apologize that it has taken me so long to get my blog on, usually, around Thanksgiving I take time to reflect on the things in my life for which I am truly blessed. However this year, rather than participating in holiday debauchery with friends and adoptive family, I spent my holiday in a restaurant, alone with my father eating crab cakes and getting smasked on Sangria and Champagne. This holiday, so far away from my beloved LA, experiencing the growing pains that have forced me to become an adult, I find it difficult to see the “forest for the trees” as they say, this year I’m finding it difficult to be thankful.

Now, I promise not to be too gloomy, but I’m finding it difficult to be optimistic, life isn’t all rays of sunshine and fancy unicorns. In fact, there hasn’t been much golden sunshine on the right coast and the freezing rain has been falling in sheets as it covers the the orange ombre Georgian landscape with layer upon layer of glittering icy dew, and its been quite awhile since this SoCal native has felt the cold chill of winter splash her face.

Wait, what is this season? Fall?

Wait, what is this season? Fall?

While I’m not entirely sure about what I am thankful for, I know the following is true:

-2,175 miles from Los Angeles, Ca to Atlanta, Ga.

-4 days and 4 nights by car.

-15 days in Atlanta.

-1 Thanksgiving dinner.

-1 insanely homesick 23 year old, with zero friends in Atlanta, wanting nothing more than to turn around and come running home.

However there is also:

-1 brave WOMAN, who refuses to be beaten so easily, and in such a short amount of time.

This year I am thankful that I have been raised to be a resilient and capable twenty three year old, who has had the distinct pleasure of spending time and surviving all over the world, what kind of modern woman would I be if I allowed myself to be beaten by Atlanta?

I will not be beaten!

I will not be beaten!


3 responses to “Trying to Keep a Thankful Heart…..

  1. Hey! Never look back – and you’re still DAMN sexy 😉

  2. “If I had eyes in the back of my head I would have told you that you look good as I walked away…”- You know what you got to do. Just hurry up and do it.

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