Truck Drivers, Motels, Jolley Ranchers, and Manifest Destiny

It is Wednesday, I have officially been in The ATL since the wee early hours of Monday morning, it was a long journey but I feel accomplished and somehow slightly more grown-up. The road-trip started with a visit to Tab, Tim, and my God-Munchkins, I drove out to Temecula and stayed the evening with my extended family. While I dont have children, I have been continually blessed to have Brian and Ruth in my life as my god kids, its amazing the things you can learn from the unbiased minds of children. Ruth is getting older and she is stunning, shes starting to grow longish feathery blonde hair, and has the most amazing glass like ocean blue eyes. Brian is becoming more aware and is sharp as a tack, he’s such a gentleman and always has a smile on his face. I stayed up and watched movies with Tab and Tim after the kids were down for the evening, we stayed up and watched Wallie….

I left the next morning, fairly early, I’m going to estimate around 8:15ish, and hammered down the desert freeway in my little toaster, sun roof open, fluorescent yellow stunna shades on, history being made. My first day I covered nearly 1000 miles, California to Arizona to New Mexico. The drive wasn’t as dark and bleek as I had imagined, and the moon hung large and swollen in the Arizona night, and was so close I felt like I could reach out and touch it. I was making great time, the speed limit in the desert was a cool 75mph, so, I shifted into 5th gear, coasted to 82 and set the cruise control. Eventually driving through the night exhausted me, and Manolo and I decided to stop outside Albuquerque NM for the evening.

The next morning I rose to a grey New Mexican morning, frost had covered everything while I was sleeping, the thermometer on my car read in the thirties, I woke up wanting for nothing more than a Dr. Pepper and a ciggy, so I loaded Manolo into the car, stopped at a gas station, filled the car with petrol, and my stomach with effervescent spicy DP(Dr. Pepper not Double Penetration, you Douche). We maneuvered back onto the 40 fwy, and I settled into a now familiar road warrior routine, skating through traffic, scanning for 5-0, and listening to a myriad of “mix tapes” I had complied for the journey.

Eventually I would make it to my home state of Texas, and while I haven’t been home in sometime, I can safely say that I dont really miss The Lone Star State that much, I’m not sure why, but even though I spent most of my childhood amongst the Long Horns and Bluebonnets, it never felt like home. Manolo and I coasted through mile after mile of flat Texas terrain. The grass had faded from a ripe kelly green to a blonde dirty pale gold, as is usual in the winter months. While getting reacquainted with my Tejas roots was swell, the swelling started to dissipate and all I wanted to do was get the fuck out of Texas, so we tallied forward to Kimmy and Dave’s in Oklahoma City.

It was wonderful to see The Bruehl family, I was greeted with hugs and some lovely sweet and spicy thai soup. It was a welcomed break from the trip, I got to wax philosophical with Kimmy and Dave about Robert Goulet and I watched Fraggle Rock in the morning with Abe and Ezekial. Sadly I had to put on my stunna shades in the morning and set back out on the road, or I’d never make it to Atlanta.

After leaving the Bruehl’s pad, Manolo and I resituated ourselves on the charted course and we coasted down the 40 freeway once more. the stops between fuel became longer and longer, and soon I was passing through Arkansas, which seemed to never end, then Missisppi, through the sticks and back roads in Alabama, and finally to Georgia. I’ve now been here a few days, had a chance to settle in, and while I’m trying to enjoy my time here, I miss home something fierce.


One response to “Truck Drivers, Motels, Jolley Ranchers, and Manifest Destiny

  1. hey – you made it! Great blogging Bianca. Enjoyed following you on the road and looking forward to catching up as you settle in. Drop me a line and I’ll send you something fun back!

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