Is it Thursday yet?

Why? Because I like Thursdays, Thursdays tend to be fantastically magical for me, if your Thursdays tend to be lack luster, I suggest you get a little pep in your step, and work it the fuck out.

So, for the past few days I have been toying with cutting the long side pieces off my asymmetrical do’ and turning my hair into a sexy, cropped, bed-head-ed coiffure. A few cleverly placed blonde pieces? Actually, I’m terrified to cut it, so, I haven’t just yet, frankly I’m terrified I wont like it as much as I think I might.

I’ve also really really been into the group Brutha. I dont care if you like it or not….I think its the jam, and you can continue to expect a myriad of different musical experiances from me, I dont like to confine myself to one genre…..Anywho, this song is called “I Can’t Hear The Music” and features Fabolous, whom I havent seen in awhile, but who is definatley good to hear from again. Brutha is on Def Jam and is produced by Jermaine Dupri himself, apparently there is a realtiy show based on the group of brothers from Hotlanta and it premiers this evening on BET.

Today I’m intermittently working on a few marketing pieces for my cousin Starr, who is now licensed by the state of California and absolutely and totally legit. If you need a weave, your hair braided, cut, colored, styled or straightened, shes your main bitch. She also specialized in mixed ethnicity hair, and has quite a few celeb clients.

Yep, thats me.

Yep, thats me.

While I was repacking my things I realized that I am missing a bag that contained all of my under garments, and let me tell you, with my braziers costing upwards of 60 bucks a pop, I’m more than a little peeved that I cannot find the bag that contained my treasure trove of lacy, frilly, lady like underoos.

So yeah, very much looking forward to my Thursday, fun times to be had, be jealous. I apologize for the lack of update-y-ness, I’ve been a little busy. I’m Atlanta bound, the sooner I get there, the sooner I can come home and continue my fab LA life, right now I’m the gypsy, and that’s just not my style.


I’m super excited about this one, because its a hybrid of two of my absolute favorite things, Tarina Tarantino’s kitchy, glittery, girly jewels, and Kidrobots urban, humorous, smile inducing vinyl toy goodness. Tarina and Kidrobot’s collabo have produced some of the cheekiest pieces I’ve seen in ages.My top picks are these Labbit Hoop Earrings. Get a pair from Tarina’s online store, or her Melrose boutique. Retail $120.

Labbit Labbit.

Labbit Labbit.

Tarina Tarantino and Kidrobot.

Tarina Tarantino and Kidrobot.


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