Welcome the Change…

Supporting Barack from Downtown.

Supporting Barack from Downtown.

Wow, what an amazing morning today is, I feel such pride, and such hope for my future after the results of the election have come pouring in. I think the only word that can really describe my feelings on this new day, and these new opportunities is overwhelmed. Call me corney if you like, but it was starting to become a dark time for my generation, out of control collegiate debt, a roller-coaster economy, and sky rocketing gas prices made it feel like a very unsure time, and now I’m hopeful that there is a plan to pull America out of the darkness.

All I can say is damn, congrats Barack, thank you for bringing the hope back.

I am ridiculously proud that the younger generation finally turned out to the polls in record numbers and made their voices heard. I hope that empowering youth to feel confident participating in their government never goes out of style.

Yesterday I came out to The Valley to spend time with my cousin. Its a bit chilly here, I suppose the sudden shift in weather is to prepare me to the chilly Atlanta winter. Speaking of Atlanta, 5 days left until I leave. Anywho, I’m here hanging with the cousin, cuddling up in blankets, hanging with the dogs, just trying to relax and take time and be still, and be quiet. I think sometimes I get lost in all the crazyness, and life just moves to fast, and I think sometimes I forget to just be still. Usually its when I’m not stoned….haha

I think everyone needs a statement piece in their wardrobe, for me its usually a large ring, a piece that cant be ignored, and this set of stacking gold rings from Han Cholo defiantly foots the bill. These three gold rings, in bold silhouettes are the perfect piece to define your personal style, its ok, be a rock star, pick a set up.

Han Cholo Stacking Rings.

Han Cholo Stacking Rings@ 80's Purple.com.


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