Lets Get Real, Buttface.

So, I’ve been up since 6:30 am, I have no fucking clue as to why I got up so early, however its now 9:08 am and I’m still kickin. In fact, I’ve got up, taken Manolo and the other dogs to the roof with Dale, had a smoke, checked my email, and watched 3 episodes of Rob & Big. Yep, that’s what I call a productive morning. I think up next for my big morning is another ciggy and a cup of coffee….errr…except I look like hell, maybe I should shower and whatnot….I don’t know, I think I look kind of rock-star.

Yep, I actually wear a blingfold to sleep....err...and for other things....

Yep, I actually wear a blingfold to sleep....err...and for other things....

Its 6am....blow me.

Its 6am....blow me.

So, its 6 days until I leave for Atlanta and I hate to say it, but so far I’ve been very disappointed that most of my friends have made little to no effort to spend quality time before I leave. Family included, thanks guys. I do have plans with friends and family towards the end of the week, and I will be heading out to Temecula to see Tab and my God-munchkins. If you don’t see me before I leave, its on you, I’ve got nothing but time but space is filling up quick. Assholes. And to the few friends who have been making plans to see me before I leave, I appreciate it, one love and such.

I also have to make time this week to get my oil changed, car washed, dog groomed, vagina waxed, and head to the DMV.

Also, being that it is November 4th, I do hope you will all take the time to go to the polls and fucking vote, if you don’t vote I don’t want to hear any pansy ass bitching, and while your there vote for Obama, don’t argue, just listen to the voice of reason. I voted absentee as I thought I’d already be in The ATL, I’ll be in the streets tonight partying it up when election results come in and Barack takes home the gold.

Barack Obama 2008

Barack Obama 2008

My pick for the day are these simply sexy, totally stunning suede Dolce Vita Cage Heels from Urban Outfitters. They come in a rich peacock blue-green and a sinister cranberry wine. At $148 dollars, these heels might be a bit of an investment for some, but if your ballin, grab a pair for me too.

Dolce Vita heels from Urban

Dolce Vita heels from Urban

And lastly a little John Leguizamo to make your Tuesday a little brighter 🙂


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