Postsecret, Eggs, and Jankey AC Units….

Its a fantastic Sunday morning, a usual lazy hazy morning in LA, the marine layer has settled and cast a milky glow over the landscape. I never thought I’d miss the dirty haze of the city, but like Carley Simon says, you never know what you got till its gone.

Gonna miss the skyline...

Gonna miss the skyline...

Yesterday the AC in my unit DIED, now usually this wouldent be a problem, however its November and its still sweltering Downtown, this paired with the fact that the sun rises in my large windows, my appartment is like a fucking sauna. So, packing in the middle of the day is totally out of the question, so, I’m down the hall with Dale and Heather, stealing their wireless and doing laundry. Oh yes! Laundry, so exciting! My delicates especially! ha ha

So, today has been mildly productive. I checked the new posts on PostSecret, had eggs with D&H, and I’m folding the last bit of my wash. Later I’m going to clean out the cabinets in the kitchen, take my desk apart, and seperate the boxes that are going to storage, and the ones that are comming on the road with me.

UPDATE: The desk has now been dismantled, most of the kitchen has been cleaned out, I organized my jewelry, packed my heels and sneakers, got rid of a few paintings and such…..and we’re going to keep moving along, props to Dale, Heather, and Naddera for helping a sista out.

Can't leave these guys behind...

Can't leave these guys behind.

Yesterday I got to spend a few fantastic hours with Lizzo and Celeste, hung on the couch, smoked, got to dish and shared in a little estrogen bonding. It was fantastic fun as always.

I’ve also fallen in love, no not with a fella or a madame but with my top picks for the fall/winter. Look for a new pick every day.

First pick is this amazing Rachel Pally dress, I’d prefer the black, the pintuck detailing and buttery soft jersey would make it a staple wardrobe piece that I could transition into the spring. Its luverly….



Err….whose going to pick one up for me? THANKS!


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